Electronics Contract Manufacturing

  • PCB to Complete Finished Assembly
  • OEM Support Services
  • Design, Fabrication and Build-to-Print
  • Prototype to Production

Turnkey PCB Assembly

  • Rapid Prototype and Quick Turn Assembly
  • First Article to Volume Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Test and Validation

Consignment PCB Assembly

  • Customer Supplied Kits
  • Parts Accepted In Any Format
  • Inventory Audit Performed
  • 24Hr. Turns Available!

Full Functional Testing

Functional testing of components or assemblies is of importance to demonstrate their ability to meet the design requirements set forth by the customer. Functional testing, unlike environmental testing, demonstrates the functionality of the equipment by subjecting it to various customers specified cycles of operation under different loading conditions, and at all its operating modes. The goals include optimization of design after equipment testing, check of operating parameters, calibration, etc.



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