Electronics Contract Manufacturing

  • PCB to Complete Finished Assembly
  • OEM Support Services
  • Design, Fabrication and Build-to-Print
  • Prototype to Production

Turnkey PCB Assembly

  • Rapid Prototype and Quick Turn Assembly
  • First Article to Volume Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Test and Validation

Consignment PCB Assembly

  • Customer Supplied Kits
  • Parts Accepted In Any Format
  • Inventory Audit Performed
  • 24Hr. Turns Available!

Procurement/Inventory Management

  • Vendor Control
    • Maintain approved vendor list with ratings
    • Utilizes ASL (Precision Assembly Technologies (P.A.T.) and Customers)
  • PC/MRP
    • Software that controls inventory data base
    • Can build analysis reports
    • Inventory Allocation
  • Receiving Inspection
    • All materials purchased are filtered through stringent AS9100 processes and procedures
  • Kitting
    • Inventory control and allocation procedure
    • Stock allocation reports
    • Update live inventory quantities to reflect inventory allocation
    • Shortages will be detailed on report and work order will not be accepted to ship unless shortage is either allocated as a 'make-up' shortage to the floor, or is notated as a customer acceptable short.


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